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    Title Block Changes Between Sheets

    Giffin Symko

      I'm trying to understand why my title block changes when I create a new sheet.  There is only a single drawing template in the directory folder and this template has only one sheet, yet when I create a new sheet in a drawing, there are some minor changes to the title block (a few of the boxes and links change).

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          Deepak Gupta

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          Please check your sheet format if those are same in both case. A simple check would be to right click on the sheet and select properties. Now in the pop up window check the path for the sheet format. Both sheet should have same path and sheet format names should be same. Also can you post what changes you see (put screen shots of both title blocks).


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            Glenn Schroeder

            In addition to Deepak's good advice, and he never gives any other kind, there may be another possibility.  Changes may have been made to the sheet format after the drawing template was saved.  If there are changes made to a sheet format that is used in a drawing template, the changes will not be reflected in the drawing template until you right-click on a blank section of the sheet (or on the sheet tab), choose Properties, click on the Reload button in the Sheet Properties dialog box, then re-save the drawing template.