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    Large Assembly Taking Too Much Time To Open

    Ankit Patidar

      I have a very large assembly which is checked-out from smart-team.


      This assembly is taking too much time to load in solidworks and also regeneration time is very high.

      I only need to assure interferences and interfaces between components.


      Is there any way to reduce this loding and regeneration time?

      Please suggest alternative ways to avoid above problem.


      Thanks in advance.

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          jason van clark

          SolidWorks would probably suggest you use SpeedPak.  This will reduce your file load/rebuild times.  However, be aware that there are some severe limitations when making drawings of assemblies that have a speedpak item.

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              Jeremy Off

              Please provide more information! Is SolidWorks opening the file in Large Assembly Mode? Have you tried opening the file as "Lightweight" or in "Large Design Review" mode? Or are you opening the file from a Windows Explorer window?

              There are defaults associated for when SolidWorks switches an Assembly to "Large Assembly Mode."

              Those are located in your system options, then in the Assembly section.

              What are your computer hardware specifications?

              Often times it is your available RAM and processor speed that dictate how fast assemblies open and how fast they rebuild.

              Are you working with local files? Or are you opening files across a network connection? Personally, transferring data through your network is a huge no-no if you are unhappy with how long files take to open.

              Please quantify what "too much time" means. Is it a 10MB part that opens in 10 seconds, or a 20MB assembly that opens in a minute.

              "Too much time" is simply relative and not helpful.

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                  Ankit Patidar

                  The assembly is opened using default settings. No large asm. mode or lightweight.


                  Regarding System options and performance optimization, I came across a document (Working With Large Assemblies) according to which system options which you mentioned (large asm. mode, lightweight etc) & best designing practices are the only options to avoid such loading and rebuild issues. Nothing much can be done from inside.


                  I'm working on the asm. when it is connected to Smartteam. Does that effect the performence?

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                Jeff Holliday

                It would be helpful to know whether the assy is created entirely of indiv parts. If it is, creating sub-assy's could save considerable time.