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    Event of Okay Button on PropertyManager Page

    Kieu Tran

      Hello everyone,


      Do you know the event of this OkayButton on the top of PropertyManager Page?


      2014-03-25 17_57_07-SolidWorks Premium 2014 x64 Edition - [coffeejar.sldasm].png


      Here is my code for it (VB.NET, using VBAddin template)


          Sub CreatePage()

              handler = New PMPageHandler()

              handler.Init(iSwApp, userAddin)

              Dim options As Integer

              Dim errors As Integer

              options = swPropertyManagerPageOptions_e.swPropertyManagerOptions_OkayButton + swPropertyManagerPageOptions_e.swPropertyManagerOptions_CancelButton

              ppage = iSwApp.CreatePropertyManagerPage("Advanced Setup", options, handler, errors)

          End Sub


      Thanks and Regards,

      Kieu Tran.