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Aluminium extrusion joint connectors

Question asked by James Donnellan on Mar 24, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2014 by Erik Bilello

I’m relatively new to the forms and this is my first question which has more than likely been asked and answered already, but my searches have not turned u anything.


I have a question regarding the use of weldments, the type of extrusion that we use is joined using 10mm connectors as can be seen in the attached. we currently have a file with 6000 configurations for 1mm - 6000mm lengths. this file is then opened multiple times in whatever length is required and saved, then the connectors are then inserted and mated.


This process is very time consuming and if any dimensional changes need to be made to say and enclosure or frame it can take a large amount of time to construct the assembly and modify it.


we currently use sw 2012 and will soon be moving to 2014 soon as a server upgrade was needed for sw composer so it was decided to hold off on upgrading until all hardware upgrades were complete.


my question is can the weldments process be used and the lengths of extrusion requiring connectors at the end be shortened by 10mm to accommodate the connectors similar to how it can be used for end caps?


I have attached a picture showing the type of joint and connector we use.Assem1.JPG