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Missing solidworks context options in explorer when I click RMB

Question asked by Jordan Schroeder on Mar 24, 2014
Latest reply on May 11, 2015 by Joseph Sensenig

Hey guys,  I am running SW 2013 professional.  We recently installed this version of the software (last 2 weeks). I have seen other people posting in this forum with this same problem, but there has not been a consensus on what the fix is.  At least not in what I found.  I am missing the solidworks explorer context options when I right mouse button click on solidworks files in windows explorer windows.  I need to rename a few parts and am greatly missing the solidworks menu in the RMB.  I do not want to use the solidworks explorer.  I want to fix this. 


In other forums I have seen people suggest typing in missing dll's in the computer's command line, but these did not work for me.  They just give me an error message.  Do I need to have a certain add-in installed or activated in order for this to work?  I do not have the solidworks PDM on my computer I do not believe.  I saw some people pointing to options in this portion of solidworks.  Is this something I need to contact my reseller about? 


Some online solutions said that reinstalling the older version of SW resolved this problem.  In my case this means I would have to reinstall me SW 2012, but other people in the office are not having this issue after going to SW 2013.  They do not have SW 2012 installed anymore either.  This is very frustrating as I would very much like the option for the rename feature.  Can anyone help ?