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Replace Solid Part with Force/Displacement Relationship?

Question asked by John Willett on Mar 24, 2014
Latest reply on May 28, 2014 by Jared Conway

Looking for a possible work-around:


In SolidWorks Premium I've been having fits trying to model a glass disk suspended in a metal ring by several elastomer bushings bonded to the OD of the glass and the ID of the metal.  My problems **seem** to arise from requiring detailed modeling of the soft bushings at the same time as the relatively much stiffer glass and metal parts.  Now I have acttual measuremetns of  force/displacement relationships for the bushings in both shear and compression/tension that are essentially linear for small displacements.  I no longer need to model distortions of the bushings themselves; they could be replaced by simple springs.  I want to focus on the distortions in the glass disk produced by transmission through the bushings of distortions of the metal ring, which itself is supported on three points and arbitrarily oriented with respect to gravity.


I'm willing to make the simplificaiton that the radial, axial, and tangential forces transmitted by the bushings act at single points instead of over substantial areas.  Is there a way to replace the bushings with simple elements that express the measured force/displacement relations without requireing SolidWorks to model them in detail? -- John W.