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    Dimension leader lines

    Sid Humphreys

      Morning all,


      After placing a dimension and I do not like where SW puts the leader lines in relation to the edges I am dimensioning to, I go to either extend them closer or further away from the edges.  I pick the dimension, grab the little blue dots(handles) on the ends of the leader lines to move them closer or further away from the edges.  the leaders then become unattached from where they were and move all around.  After I put the blue dot(leader line end where I want it, SW snaps it back to where it came from.  How do I control the ends of the leader lines and put them where I want them and not let SW snap them where it thinks they should be?  Plus why do the leaders move around instead of staying attached to the edges?


      Thanks again.



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          Robert D.

          Good morning, It is my understanding that you can drag the end points of the leader lines to any position aboe the reference point. I have come across times when it will move all around but then I just start over. As far as a nifty click box to uncheck haven't seen one. As a workaround maybe create a construction line up from the end point dimensioning off of and then dimension it to end point of line and then suppress or hide line. Let me know. Thanks

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            Matthew Lorono

            Sid, I think there may be terminology clarification needed.  Could you attach an image of what you are describing?  Thanks!

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              Glenn Schroeder



              I often pull the extension lines back also, and you described the correct procedure.  You just need to be careful to not let it re-attach to some other geometry when you do that.  When dragging, try to drag directly in line with the extension line (or at least close), and be sure that there isn't another point or model edge highlighted in orange when you release it.  If something is orange when you release it, then that's what it's just re-attached to.

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                  Sid Humphreys

                  Thanks a bunch Glenn.  As I read your reply Glenn, one can't help but wonder..............what the heck.  "You just need to be careful".  "Try to drag directly in line".  Why can't this stuff just work?  I spend more time in drawing mode trying to get easy stuff to do what it is supposed to do than I do doing the darn design.  This is crazy.


                  Matthew!  Why is it these other two gentleman understand EXACTLY what I am speaking of and for yourself sir, the one who is writing the code I need to attach a picture?  Is it perhaps because we actually USE the software?  Matthew, this is nuts.  It is one work around after the next.


                  Glenn and Robert, thank you both.  I'll keep trying to drag in line and being careful.


                  Have a good day.

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                  Tony Cantrell

                  You can set this under your drafting standard:

                  dwg dim settings.png