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    Different kind of VAWT

    Koushik Subramaniam

      Hi all
      I have designed a VAWT on my own.I am planning to carry out a study on this to know about the design's Pros and Cons using CFD.Kindly explain me how to carry out this using Flow Simulation..
      I want the turbine to spin based on the velocity of the fluid.
      This is to know at different wind velocities what will be my turbine's RPM.
      A picture of the design has been attached.
      The two vertically placed aerofoils are deflectors to change the direction of the wind so that the wind does not hit the opposite side and resist the turbines's motion.
      Well i am not a pro in all these stuff,I am almost new to this.So bear with my questions which may sound stupid sometimes.


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          Jared Conway

          there have been a lot of good discussions abotu this on the forum and also it is well documented in the solidworks KB and technical reference.


          1. we can't have the fluid spin your part in flow simulation. we can spin it and check for zero torque but that would be the closest that you'll get.

          2. vertical turbines may not be a good fit for the way that rotating regions are done in flow simulation. generally i would recommend checking with the developers on this. if your'e thinking about buying flow simulation, that could be done by your reseller. if someone brought this type of problem to us to take on from a consulting perspective, we would do that check before taking the job.

          3. the flow coming in radially is not likely a good fit for the "frozen rotor" approach that flow has. you really need a moving mesh type solution. but again, recommend confirming with the developers.