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    Define Welds on Flare-Bevel faces.

    Naveen Kumar

      Want to know what type of joints i should define. Practically wleding is done but facing trouble in defining welds. I have attached the image for more clarity.

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          Jared Conway

          lots of good discussions in the forum about handling welds

          really comes down to what you want to learn in your analysis

          most would start with a bonded connection between them

          then at the other end of the spectrum, you could model the weld, the heat affected zone, change the material to match that material

          there is no right answer, comes down to what level of accuracy you want, assumptions you're ok with..etc

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            Naveen Kumar

            Yeah..exactly what i was thinking..Thanks a lot Jared.Will use bonded conacts as i do not require much level of accuracy for FEA results. Making solid weld bead in SolidWorks is also the other way around but i am not much bothered about that now. Thanks again.