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Route Diameter Unexpectedly Changes

Question asked by Dan Smith on Mar 24, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2014 by Mark Egan

I seem to be having a recurring problem where some of the harnesses in a route will change size to exactly half the diameter I set the CPoints at.



in the "Connection Point" Property Manager, I set the Nominal Diameter to 7.62mm for both CPoints


I then use Auto Route to create the harness route between the two CPoints


The Route appears to be the correct diameter

harness at 7.62.PNG


I exit the routing sketch and the harness "changes" to half the diameter (3.81mm) as the one I specified

harness at 3.81.PNG



I go back into the routing sketch, right-click on one of the splines and go to "Route Segment Properties" and sure enough, the diameter is set to 3.81mm


Why does this happen?

Why is it only happening to some of the harnesses?

How do I fix it??


Some Troubleshooting I have tried

I changed the OD in the Route Segment Properties to 7.62mm, but when I click OK and go to the Route Segment Properties again the OD reverted back to 3.81mm.


I have tried to change the OD to 7.62mm and check "Fix Diameter" but that doesn't seem to do anything.


I have deleted the route (splines, lines, and CPoints) and recreated it, but that did not fix the issue.