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    Restore link to simulation data

    Peter MacDonald

      I cannot read the simulation data within certain assemblies.


      The methods in this thread don't seem to work:



      Changing the results folder in the simulation properties doesn't help. All of my simulation data is currently in a single folder anyway.

      No file names or locations have been changed. I can't think what is preventing me from reading the .CWR file.

      I've even tried logging out and back in in an attempt to restore the link.


      Any ideas?



      (2012 Education Version)

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          Aaron Gradeen

          Hey Peter,

            I've had similar issues with losing links to the simulation results as well. My typically stem from doing a "Save as" and not updating the results folder under simulation properties. As you mentioned, if that's not working, I would only have a couple of long shot suggestions.

          1) Maybe the results folder got changed and then you changed your study name? Make sure your study has the same name as when you ran the simulation. If the link to the results got lost and you changed the study name, I don't think it would recognize the study when you point back to the original results folder.

          2) Maybe try a "Save as" and include all part references. It should ask you whether or not you want to copy the results files. Say yes to this.


          When you say "certain assemblies", how is your model setup? Are you running different configurations of one assembly? Or you running a simulation on separate assembly files?


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              Peter MacDonald

              Thanks Aaron.


              I had wondered if my issues also stemmed from the "Save as copy" feature. I wasn't able to recover the results with your suggestion unfortunately.

              The study name etc hasn't changed as far as I can see.

              I have an assembly that I frequently save copies of in order to make changes without losing the previous model.

              I think saving as a copy is largely to blame, but there's probably something I can do to prevent the loss.

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                  Jared Conway

                  lets back into this


                  1. what exactly are you seeing in the software that makes you think things are disconnected?

                  2. what is the name of the solidworks file, the name of the study and the name of the cwr file?

                  3. what are your settings for solidworks simulation regarding files? what is the settings on the individual study?

                  4. when you're doing save as copy/save as is simulation enabled? or what is your exact workflow? remember that cwr files are just like solidworks references. if they aren't done at the same time, things get disconnected.


                  there are a few posts like this but almost always the cause is user related and unfortunately there is currently no way to "reconnect" results once they have been disconnected. you need to rerun the simulation. but sometimes depending on how you answer the questions above, you're interpreting a disconnect of results and the study incorrectly and that a setting change may solve it. and sometimes there are tricks to reconnect but it depends on what state you are in and how you got there.

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                      Jared Conway

                      also would be helpful to know ify ou're using pdm because you noted you log out and back in.

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                          Peter MacDonald

                          Sorry for delay.


                          To answer your first post Jared:

                          1. The results are greyed out, but usually I can still read the solver messages.

                          2. For the current case I just have one model with a study called "Longitudinal No Penetration". The cwr file has the model name followed by the same study name, so it shouldn't have a problem finding it.

                          3. For all of my studies all the simulation files go into the same folder. Bad practice I know.

                          4. Simulation is enabled when saving. I've tried including results and not including them, but I haven't quite figured out yet if one of those options is causing a problem. I used to save the copy with the same model name in a different folder, but now I always give it a new name in case that was one of my issues.

                          Not using any form of pdm.


                          With the current model, SW crashed just as I was trying to load the results and has therefore lost the results. Does SW always lose the link if you don't save the model file after the simulation finishes?

                          As I say, it can read the solver messages but not the main results.

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                              Jared Conway

                              it sounds like you have 2 potential issues:

                              1. something to do with save as copy.

                              2. something to do with not saving before closing a file.


                              if you separate the 2 workflows and run a test on just a simple block, does the problem happen every time with the latest version and service pack?


                              if so, report to your reseller as it is a bug.