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Odd Lines Appear when I Render. Help!

Question asked by Rohan Sanghera on Mar 23, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2014 by Rohan Sanghera


When I try to render a clear plastic container filled with water I have wierd lines appear (as seen in the attatched photos). I have tried changing the clear plastic material used for the container and that has not made a difference. (I have tried using polyproylene and polycarbonate)


Please could someone help me on how to remove these lines? I have made sure that my scene contains lighting but the problem remains. Also it may be worth noting that a similar (but different) line problem occurs when i dont have water in the container.


With water (polycarbonate and ripple water on maximum).


problem 1.jpg

with still water and polypropylene plastic on good. (the problem was worse on this render).

problem 3.JPG


without water

problem 2.jpg