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    Making a Curved Cut Based on a Surface

    Matthew Andrews

      Hello All,


      I'm sure this kind of thing has been answered before but I'm fairly new to these forums and could use some help.  I have a fixture that I am designing for our production line.  The goal of the fixture is to mount our product up verticaly from the face.  I have designed it so that it will do this, but the right now, the product, which has a curved face, sits on a flat surface.  I want to be able to make a cut in the fixture to perfectly accommodate this curved face but I'm not sure how.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I have attached a screenshot of the assembly to illustrate what I am working on.  Thanks very much.

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          Eric Irwin

          In the assembly, you can start by Editing the fixture part.  While editing the fixture part that you want to cut, you can use the Surface/Offset Surface tool to create a copy of the production part surface.  At this point I would stop the editing in the assembly and just open the fixture part.  You can then use the offset surface to create a cut/protrusion.


          All of this should be done after you have moved your production part into the position you really want it in.


          This also means that your fixture part will be tied to your production part and there are sometimes issues that follow along with that.