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Bringing in redundant parts

Question asked by Steve Krause on Mar 23, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2014 by Jim Sculley

We have a large assembly in Enterprise.   We pass a few sub assemblies to an outside contract design company to use in another large assembly that they are designing for us.  They are not using Enterprise.   Now they pass the design back to me.   I want to make a new directory in Enterprise and drop the complete assembly that they created into that new directory.  When I do that Enterprise tells me that I have redundant parts, already in Enterprise.   (Can't remember whether it tells me at the time I load it locally or when I try to do the initial check it in --- I'm writing this from home on the weekend and can't experiment today).


What is the process to solve this problem?  Is there a way to get all redundant parts in the new contractor's assembly to point back to the original parts that we gave to him?  I am going to assume that all the parts that we passed to the contractor have not been edited by the contractor and not edited by us since we passed them the parts originally, although I know that is a possibility.