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Frustrating installation and still not working!

Question asked by Andrew Young on Mar 22, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2014 by Andrew Young

So I've now tried installing Solidworks 2013 Pro on a Windows 8.1 to find that it's not supported, and now just finished installing on Windows 7 and it's still not working... Installation successful - student download through Uni, but when I click on SolidWorks 2013 x64 Edition desktop execuatable nothing happens. I never got the installation splash screen to work either so installed from SWWI folder directly originally.


Just to finish me off when I tried getting a quote for the subscription service for support it didn't accept my email - possibly because it ends in


I'm using a sony vaio - pretty common decent machine but it's not listed in the supported database. Diagnostics below. I really need to get this working since I started work at Uni, like solidworks a lot, but live a long way away so need it working at home!


If anyone can offer any advice on other ways to get it working I'd appreciate it. Solidworks is good when it works, but the setup/compatibility/ease of installation is dreadful and should be better in computer world we live in these days!


Diagnostic error. Review the information provided.
System Manufacturer: Other (not a known system vendor)
System Model: Other
Card Manufacturer: ATI Technologies Inc.
Card Model: AMD Radeon(TM) HD 6470M
Your Current Driver:
Diagnostic Results: There is no information on your configuration in our database. If you are experiencing issues with your system, you may want to visit the website to find recommended cards and drivers.
Card/driver combination information can be found at:
Passed diagnostics test.

You are using a currently supported operating system.

Passed diagnostics test.

The system environmental variable named TEMP has been set.

Passed diagnostics test.

Write access is set for the TEMP directory.

Passed diagnostics test.


System TEMP directory: 240 GB

Diagnostic warning. Review the information provided.

The SolidWorks Backup Directory has not been set. Please set in Tools\Options\Backups.

Diagnostic warning. Review the information provided.

The SolidWorks Journal file directory has not been set. Please set in Tools\Options\File Locations.

Passed diagnostics test.


Drive C:\: 240 GB of free space

Passed diagnostics test. Total System Memory - 3.91 GB
This amount of RAM is acceptable for assemblies with greater than 2500 components and parts greater than 1000 features.
The total amount of RAM required is based on the size of the dataset used and other open applications.
Passed diagnostics test. Free System Memory - 2.00 GB
You should have sufficient free physical RAM to run SolidWorks effectively. If you exceed the physical RAM, your system performance will be seriously degraded.
Diagnostic warning. Review the information provided.

Could not open the service pack database, the server may be busy, please try again later.  about:blank#

Diagnostic is for information only.

SolidWorks is currently not running.

Diagnostic warning. Review the information provided.

Toolbox is loaded on a local drive. This may not be an appropriate location if the toolbox parts are shared. See the Installation Guides at for more information.