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No letting Tool Split for a mold

Question asked by Mike TydCcmllbg== on Mar 21, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2014 by Mike TydCcmllbg==

So for school i need to make a two part mold inorder to pour a silicon bracelet. Ive created what the bracelet shoudl look like and Ive also created a parting line and split surfaces. But when i go in and try to use the tool split it comes up with an rebuld error that says "cannot knit sheets together."


Now I know there are quite a few questinos already asked about this problem but from all of the discussions ive read it seems that the answers were specific to each mold, and ive been playing around with the split surfaces and part line for a couple days now and Im frankly stuck. I have a feeling its a problem with the split surfaces but im not sure. PLEASE HELP!


Attached is my file.