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    Too many sketch lines slowing down a drawing?

    Chris Back



      My question is: I am just wondering if too many sketch lines bogs down SW drawings??


      Reason ? came about:

      I have a large SW assy file I'm now placing on a dwg. We were just looking for a couple overview shots of the assy in different mechanical positions on a dwg sheet, not really dimensioned anywhere, etc, just for a couple overall views in different positions. Because of time constraints we decided a "quick" method would be pop desired assy view into a dwg, turn tangent edges off, and then convert lines to sketch (so its no longer linked to assy file), modify assembly quickly again, pop in a view, repeat as needed. Yes configurations would normally be used for this and I know that means we can't update the views for future changes by converting to sketch from what I understand, but again this was for a "quick" couple overall views, nothing more.


      But in doing this there became so many converted to sketch line elements on a drawing sheet that it just kept getting slower and slower (ie: 5-10 seconds or more to respond to pan across page, dimensions, etc.). But no issues on sheets without these convereted sketches. I've only had any previous performance issues related to what seems to be way too many drawing created sketch lines in a dwg.


      So I am just wondering if too many sketch lines bogs down SW drawings??