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    Did someone fill my BOM balloons with Helium?  They floated away!!!

    Chris Michalski

      So I was updated an assembly and toggled back to the drawing.  And somehow most of my BOM balloons are now gone.  However, as you can see, the BOM still shows things as ballooned.  But only a couple of the balloons are visible.


      Suggestions?  I know it's not a 1000 part model, but I'd rather figure out what made them disappear (and how to make them reappear) so I can avoid this frustration in the future.



      (And the worst part is it's mocking me now.  When I insert new balloons it shows the yellow dashed line to help you position the balloons in straight lines - but its referencing the ballons I can't see.  So it knows they exist, it's just not willing to show them.)