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Does anyone know if there is a way to launch a file in lightweight mode?

Question asked by Matthew Peterson on Mar 20, 2014

This is different from opening in lightweight mode from within solidworks. (File->Open->Mode:Lightweight->Open)


What I am looking for is a parameter or something that can be passed when launching a solidworks file either with a batch file, or a customized shortcut.


This is also different than automatically loading assembly larger than x no. of components as defined in the options menu.


The reason I ask is we have a pdm system that does not always like to play nice with assemblies in lightweight mode, but we frequently work with large assemblies that loading in lightwieght mode would be useful. (if we just want one open for reference for example). We do not nessecarily want to push a universal lightweight setting to our general users as they may not realise when problems are being caused by lightweight mode being active. If we could have a way to give them the option to launch the file in lightwieght mode from the pdm system they could select this option when they know they will not be editing the assembly.