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    Why is part of my detailed view disappearing when I save to a PDF.

    Kaylin Embrey

      This has happened to me a few times but it is happening randomly so I am unsure on what to do to fix it.


      I created a drawing from a part that I designed. It is a pretty simple drawing with only one view of the front of the part and a detailed view of a section of it. In SolidWorks the drawing looks ok but when I save the drawing as a pdf part of the detailed view gets chopped off. After looking at the SolidWorks drawing I found that if I click on the detailed view the orange dotted line shows up but it does not represent the correct position. Also to make matters even more interesting this only happens when I have the front view's display state as 'shaded with edges'. When the display state is 'hidden lines removed' the detailed view has the appropriate orange dashed lines.


      I have tried Ctrl+Q. I have tried deleting the detailed view and then Ctrl+Z. I have even tried deleting the detailed view and redoing it.


      This may be just a glitch in the system but if anyone knows of a way around it I would greatly appreciate the help.