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Moment on part with fixed constraint.

Question asked by Adam French on Mar 20, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2015 by Alexander Salimian

Hello All,


I'm simulating a so leg made of steel tubing that is being glued down into a groove. (For a product we're deploying next week!)


I need to determine the moment exerted on the glue joint (modeled by the fixed constraint in the attached file) by the loads at the top of the leg, which are modeled on a small face in this test part, but which will be exerted by a pin joint  in the actual assembly.


Attached is a simplified version. I'm looking for the "free body force" as a moment around axis 1.


I talked with tec support with my full assembly (which meshes and runs), and they said the process is select 1) axis1, 2) point 1, and 3) the constrained face. At the time on the phone I was using my actual parts, and when I said "that doesn't match my hand calcs" they said "we can't get into that level of detail, but that's how you use the tool."


Now I've got a simplified part loaded up (attached), and it should be clear that a 10N force on a .5 meter moment arm should result in a moment about axis 1 of 5Nm.


When I follow the tech-support procedure above I get Mz=-2.4Nm.That's not right.


I've scratched my head on it for several hours, read the forums, all that, could really use a hand - this is for work, we're releasing this week, and we would really like confirmation that these parts were designed right.