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Question asked by Bill Clark on Mar 19, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2014 by Jared Conway

I am working on a time dependent study of heat flow in solids and fluids (air).  I have an assembly of various materials and I am simulating a thermal electric cooler as a heat source (1.4W).  I have a location for a thermistor in the assembly and a surface goal of 338K at that location.  I would like to switch off the TEC when that surface reaches 338K.  I cant quite figure out the F(goal) - Table dependency type.  I have the dependent on goal set to the SG Min Temperature (solid) 1 which is my surface of interest. Then there are 4 options...


Switch ON when goal > control value;

Switch OFF when goal > control value;

Switch ON when goal < control value;

Switch OFF when goal < control value.


no matter what I do, it seems like the TEC never comes on and for some reason the temp at that surface drops to 0K.


My control value is 340K

And I am not sure if the dead band is supposed to be a value or a differential.  The chart in the help section implies it should be a differential but I have tried it as 1K and 339K.


Ambient and all solids start at 293K


For the record, I am getting beleivable results in a steady state, The temp just goes to high.


Does anyone know how to use these switches?