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    3D model viewer for web browsers

    Don Howe

      I am looking for plugin/add on that will allow users to view my Solidwork models. Are there any viewers that can be embedded in a webpage or plugin that can be downloaded?

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          John Burrill

          You can save your files as SolidWorks composer scenes, 3DXml, VRML 1.0.  There's also a Java plug-in that displays data stored in JT format.  Team Platform uses WebGL (supported by Firefox and Chrome but not IE) for displaying 3D data.  The upside of this viewer is that it doesn't require plugins so it gets around a lot of security issues.

          The principle drawback with these formats is the difficulty associated with each getting the model to load in something other than Internet Explorer.  Beyond that you'll find different levels of support for the various features of your CAD models.  By far the version with the best fidelity is eDrawings and now that there are viewers for Android and Apple tablets, you can do a lot with mobility.

          Take a look at 3DXML player, 3DVia Composer Player and 3DVia Player.

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            Adrian Williams

            eDrawings will open Solidworks files without the need to save them as an eDrawing.

            If you view an assembly, parts can be identified, moved, hidden etc.etc..

            We occasionally use this ability to take screenshots for manuals and build notes.