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True Cutlist dimensions for Bent/Formed Structual Memebers

Question asked by David Trim on Mar 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2019 by Robert Conklin

This question relates to a Weldment Structure with a formed tube. i.e. the tube Weldment Profile has been extruded along a line involving a couple of curves. Obviously any bend in the tube involves a certain amount of stretching in real life and therefore the value in the cutlist isn't true to real life requirements.

I have tried offsetting the lines when creating the sketch for the weldment and adding an offset point in the Weldment Profile Sketch to “Locate Profile” with a view to tricking the cutlist into the correct length.


It appears that the length for the cutlist in of any structural member is taken from the length of a line running through the centroid of the object and not the sketch line.

My question is: Can this be overcome so that the cutlist reads the length of a line running through the “Locate Profile” point in the Weldment Profile rather than the Centroid?