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Non Solidworks Users to view drawings in the vault (Workgroup PDM)

Question asked by Brian Watts on Mar 19, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2014 by John Burrill

Hi all,


We are currently installed workgroup PDM as part of our development to 're-organise' our workflow and have better control of our drawing managent.


We have a large number of project engineers/managers who regulary request "the lastest issue" drawings and so the current method is to create PDF of the Solidwork drawing and email it to them. This is time consuming as some of you may be aware and would hope that there is someone who has come across this before with a solution.


Once a drawing is approved, released for issue it is checked into the vault. For a non Solidworks user, what is the option for them to have access to the vault in order that they can view or print the drawing? I understand that they would need a viewer, eDrawings perhaps or something else (please advise if so). However the question is how does the viewer know where to find the drawings in the vault? I am not sure if the non users should have the vault installed on their workstations.


I have had some experience with Workgroup PDM from previous employment but need assistance in finding a solution to this problem.


FYI - under the vault settings, we have selected "Create PDF files in the vault on normal check in Solidworks drawings" and was thinking that this may contribute to an answer.


looking forward to any response and thanks in advance.