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Broken Drag-To-Origin in SW 2013?

Question asked by James Cuevas on Mar 19, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2014 by Glenn Schroeder

I love solidworks, but it kills me when something that has worked properly forever breaks.


I have always inserted my first part into an assembly by dragging the part to the origin in the assembly feature manager tree.


Starting with SW 2013, this no longer works.  Instead, you have to drag to the origin in the graphics window, which is a much smaller target - just more finicky.


I just tested with versions 2010-2013 (those are the versions I have installed at the moment).  It broke in 2013.


Looking at the What's New PDF, I see you can now insert multiple parts onto the origin.


I would like to continue to do one part the same way I've done it for over a decade and a half...


Does anyone know if this was broken on purpose?