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2014 weldment profile configurations (updating design table)

Question asked by Roy Potter on Mar 18, 2014

This maybe an Excel issue however,


I created my own profile with configurations. I added a custom property that links to the Material:


Property: "Material"; Value/Expression: "SW-Material@@BAR ROUND Ø10@Bar Round.SLDPRT"; Evaluated result: "Material not sepcified"


I then editied the design table and used the standard Excel functionality to populate the cells with the same data. When I returned to Solidworks all the configurations were populated with Material and referenced the correct configurations. Great I thought.


I then downloaded the new Solidworks weldment profile files that have configurations and a design table. I added the property for material and followed the same process as I had done for my own file. However when I returned to SW the Value/Expression field had "*Material <not specified>" and not the expression.


Does anyone know why the replication of cells would evaluate as required in one file and not another?