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    SW2004 on Win7 32bit

    Don Howe

      I am thinking of upgrading my  WinXP 32bit machine to Win7 32bit and want to know if I can  still run my SW2004?

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          Deepak Gupta

          No it is not supported by SolidWorks. SolidWorks 2010 SP1 and onwards is supported for Win 7.


          Check here: https://www.solidworks.com/sw/support/SystemRequirements.html

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            Ian Worrall

            If you're worried about XP support ending, and don't want to pay for a more recent copy of SW, it may be better for you just to disconnect your SW machine from the internet.

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              John Burrill

              Don, like Deepak said, you're not going to have a supported installation and definately no real-view support (altough in 2004, it was pretty limited anyway) but you might be able to install the software in XP compatibility mode.  I run SW2009 on Windows 7 reasonably well. 

              Even so, in your place, I'd stick with your XP rig.  Windows 7 is going to soak a Gb of RAM and you're going to have a hard time finding compatible video drivers.  If this is your professional workstation with a commercial seat, then it's time to upgrade.  If you don't want to front the cost of a new  SW seat, take a look at Geomagic Design Professional ($899 MSRP).  If this is your kick-around CAD box for personal projects and odd jobs, then lock down your internet security settings and stay off websites with streaming content and keep on as you are.


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                  Don Howe

                  I thought I would do a follow up on this topic. I recently installed Win 7 Professional and then installed SW 2004. From what I can tell the program runs without any problems. Graphics are OK and all the controls function normally. Infact it seems to run a little better under Win7 then XP.

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                      Jared Conway

                      will it run? high likilhood

                      will it run well? maybe

                      is it supported? no


                      so it really comes down to what you want out of the software, since you're on 2004, i'd guess you're off subs and just need it to get some stuff done, if you get it installed and it is working ok, then go with it

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                        Andrew Brown

                        And how is it running today?  The July 2nd-8th updates to Win 7 completely broke my SW 2006.  Reinstalling did nothing.  The only way to get SW 2006 to work, was to remove those 8-10 updates.

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                            Don Howe

                            Solid Works is actually running quite well.


                            I also want to make a correction regarding the 32bit architecture. When I got my pc from Dell almost 9 years ago, hard to imagine it's been that long, it had Win XP Pro and so I thought it was a 32 bit machine and that's why I set my post up the way I did. Appearantly, my system was one of the first Dell Dimension 9100's issued that was 64bit because I'm running a 64bit version of Win 7 Professional. I honestly didn't think it would allow me to do that. Here are a few specs.


                            Dim 9100,820 (2.8GHZ), DCT 

                            128MB PCI-E X16 ATI RADEON X300 SE,DIM,X

                            1GB DDR2 SDRAM AT 533MHZ (I upgraded to 4GB)

                            160GB SERIAL ATA, 7200 RMP