Mary Peterman

Linear Pattern Crash SW2007 SP2.2

Discussion created by Mary Peterman on Jan 31, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2007 by Mitch Dohman
We upgraded from a clean install of SW2007 SP0 to SW2007 SP2.2
Installs were made from the administrative image which was upgradedwith the new updater.
When we use Linear Pattern it causes Solidworks to crash.
I've read that the sldpatternu.dll might not have upgraded properlyor be corrupted to cause this.
We are using SLDPATTERNU.DLL dated 11-16-2007.
Is this the correct .DLL date for SP2.2?

Can I get a copy of the correct file if it isn't the correct oneand overwrite this? Otherwise,  do I have to completelyuninstall and remove the administrative image and reinstall?

Thank you for any feedback