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    Importing STP Files

    Sam Mountford

      I have imported/ opened an STP File into Solidworks. The part is a bent profile and i would like to create a drawing from the part. How can i open/ recognise the features that were used to create the part, such as sheet metal? i have tried but have had no luck, usually i would just redraw the part however there is loads of them, see below:


      I would realy appreciate an answer ASAP as i would like to stay ahead with my uni work


      Any help is much appreciated!



      Cheers Sam

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          Lukasz Siwiec

          Hi Sam,

          Welcom in the SolidWorks Forum.

          Can you send this file?

          First, try use diagnostic for this prart, maybe have a wrong surface or all the part it's a surface not solid.


          Open a SolidWorks -> Open, "format file" take *stp, click one the part, go to option and check "create solid" then open the part.