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Simulation Method and Validation on Beam Elements,Help

Question asked by Ugur N. on Mar 17, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2014 by Ugur N.

Hello everyone,


I am trying to calculate max Equilent Stress on my beam shape structual and for that i tried to used 2 diffrent methods. At first I deifne my structual as beam elemnt and fixed from one joint point and applied my force (4444 N) from other joint point. As you can see from the docs and screenshoots Equilent Stress was near 128 MPa which is very close wit analytical calculations (M*C/I)= 114 MPa. However if i try to simulate my strucatal as Solid , and give fixation and force to faces, Stress data changes dramticly and become 305 MPa and URES data changes too and this data depends of mesh's rate, it gets higher with mesh's rate gets higher. But Most importantly if I use Iso cliping and probe the locations of high stress areas, as shown at screenshot, I see that stress descress very fast and the stress over the yeild of stell (235 MPa) its continue only for 1-2 mm . not even thickness of plate.


So here is my question, which method i should depend and assume the right solition. or is there a problem with fixation corners, a numerical difficualty which makes  stress values diverges . Is there a way i can make validation. I assume its a problem most of us dealing with. I am waiting your responds . Thanks.