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    Enterprise 2014 - performance and stablity

    Peter Simpson

      Hi All,


      Does anyone have any feedback from a users point of view on EPDM 2014 compared to 2013 in terms of stability and performance?


      Has anyone come across any major issues with the 2014 release?


      I have been reading the forum but havent found too much so thought I would ask the question.




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          Terry Raymond

          We just upgraded from 2013sp2 to 2014sp2.  Haven't noticed difference in performance.  Auto cache push is nice.

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            Arie Van Gelderen

            I've compared the performance of epdm 2011 sp2 and 2014 sp2. Epdm 2014's performance is significantly slower. Especially viewing bom, contains and where used of very large structures. For us these are the major show stoppers:


            1. The new functionality of adding custom columns to contains and where used (which is a very nice improvement btw) slows down the system considerably.


            2. There seems to be less or no caching of bom, contains and where used info. Switching between various displays is a lot slower than before.


            We've contacted our VAR about it and they escalated it to Solidworks. Seems there is some work to do for Solidworks. Hope they fix it in the next service pack.

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              Remo Frey

              We have upgraded from 2012sp5 to 2014sp2.


              1. The checkin is now much more faster.
              2. The new functionality of adding custom columns to nearly all windows is a very nice improvement.


              Negative: We have some difficulties wich we are not able to trace even with the support, like:

              1. Part is checked out in SW and after a editing values of the datacard, SW tells that the data can not be stored because the part is "not checked out" and after that both buttons (checkin and checkout) are disabled. The part can not be saved, even it is not write-protected. If one closes the file in SW, in Windows explorer it stats that the part is checked in and when I try to check out the messagebox tells "the local part ist writable and all changes will get lost".
              2. Sometimes, very rare, Status of drawing is "under editing" but can not be edited. after a while of searching, we found out, that when the workflow status "approved" is changed that it is possible to make changes in this state (which is uncommon) it is possble to edit the drawing. It seems that the local shown state is not the same as in the database.
              3. My Conclusion: There may be new difficulties between database and file syncronisation (it is just SP2). This, because we didn't have this behavour in 2012. If possible wait for Sp3
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                Peter Simpson

                Thanks all. I appreciate the feedback. Its very helpful.


                Best Rgds


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                  Justin Hoidahl

                  Went from 2013 sp3 to 2014 sp2 a couple weeks ago and all I can say is don't do it. We have the same encrypted procedure problems when building tree that we've had for 3 years. We received the same hot fix in a day or so. Certain state changes are incredibly slow and by slow I mean an assembly that used to take 3 minutes to change state now takes 30 minutes. They say this is a regression and they are working on it. Today I am discovering performance problems with parts that have configurations. Causing the whole system to lock up.


                  STAY AWAY!!!