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Finite Element Simulation trouble

Question asked by Daniel Brown on Mar 17, 2014
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My name is Daniel I am a final year mechanical engineering student at the University of Sunderland. For my final year project I am designing a single seat chassis for a race car. I am trying to develope a light weight monocoque. However I am trying to calculate the torsional stiffness using Finite Element Analysis. When running I am getting crazy and inaccurate results.

These are my steps so far:

I have applied the appropriate material to the part

I have fixed the rear end of the chassis via bolt holes that are included in the sketch

I have added trusses at both sides of the front of the chassis

I have applied a load at the intersecting point on the trusses. One load is 200N going upwards in y and the other is 200N going downwards in y,

I have used a fine mesh

When running it brings up an error message saying warning large displacement click yes to use the large displacemenet tool click no to run without.

If I click yes the simulation instantly fails, if I click no I get a result which says my chassis is displacing in the wrong direction.


The monocoque uses 4 mm carbon fibre, I changed this to steel and still got ridiculous displacement values. Can anyone help or point me into the right direction