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Custom Part Parameters in Toolbox

Question asked by Joe Miller on Mar 17, 2014

Hello all! First question since finally getting our company converted to SW Professional 2013. I've created a number of configured parts and added them to our networked Toolbox installation. However, I can't seem to get any of the configured parameters of these parts to show up in Toolbox when I try to edit the part configurations in Toolbox. When I go to configure any of the parts in Toolbox, it says "0 configurations available" in the upper left hand corner of Toolbox. When I go to insert the parts into an assmebly they seem to work fine(except I forgot to check "Use in Bills of Material" when I set the part descriptions).


I demo'd SW about 2 years ago before pushing my company to change over and I recall having this same issue then but found the solution. Should have written it down huh? Any help would be greatly appreciated.