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    We can do Top Ten features ourselves, cannot we

    Mati Link

      Where can the whole list of Top Ten 2014 wishes be found? Is is closed down in forum.


      When looking at Top Ten 2014 then it seems that several of them can easily be done right now with API and I wonder if this is something that would interest to take on in this community here.



      1. Auto-hide components
      2. Draw a line segment starting from the mid-point
      3. Equal spacing option for linear patterns
      4. Ability to rename a part or sub-assembly in the feature tree
      5. Unlimited undo/redo
      6. Pressing the ESC key should immediately stop the current calculation and return control to the user
      7. Fillets and chamfers should be managed by the same feature
      8. Ability to flip angle dimensions after they have been placed
      9. Hole callout should include all instances on the same face
      10. New Purge command


      Some ideas how to achieve those:


      1) macro in background watching for mate notifications and hide the first mated components and unhide after mate added

      2) one of robust ways would be just having user do two clicks for line and lengthening start point 2xlength+middle point relation. But it was shown to come in version 2015

      3) macro would add reference dimension that would be used in formula calculations

      4) also should be no rocket science since there are file managing add-ins that do this

      8) macro would read existing dimension references and placement and recreate offering other, flipped combinations? But it was shown to come in version 2015

      9) probably no brain surgery to enumerate all objects on drawing view, sort them and enter qty where needed


      I myself took liking of new feature advertised to 2015 where cut list folders will be renamed according to Description property. I did macro that  renames not just folders but also bodies and is not limited to Description property. It is nice-to-have feature for better overview but nothing important for everyday design.


      Point being that with API community we can add al kinds of functionality right now, without waiting for next major software version.


      So back to full Top Ten list: what should and could we tackle?


      I will open up new wishlist:

      *) macro for save bodies that saves only unique bodies and transforms them in new assy as instances not as duplicates like it has been for years.