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Convergence of results (static stress analysis)

Question asked by Darshan Angadi on Mar 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by Theo Linders



I am a new learner of SolidWorks and like the immense capabilities it offers. I am performing static stress analysis of an assembly. It consists of 3 simple solid cylinders and two hollow cylinders. The area of interest for me is the stress at the junction of the top cylinder with the inner cylinder in the assembly.

I have performed the basic steps of simulation as per the online tutorial. However despite numerous efforts (mesh control, applying fillets, trial of automated h and p-adaptive methods, review of contacts/restraints) I am unable to get some sensible convergence of the max von Mises stress at the area of interest. I wondered if I any experienced member in the SolidWorks community can guide me on how I can improve my simulation of this assembly to obtain convergence.


I remember having read that with simulation it is as much art as it is skill - I am trying to pick up both at the moment!


With many thanks