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    Can I learn Cosmos

    Eric Clowdus
      O.K... The situation:   My boss has purchased 1 seatof Cosmos, and wants me to be the cosmos man for the company.

      The Dilemma:   I'm no stress guy.

      The question:   Is Cosmos Designer easy enough to learnwith some of the classes they offer, such that I may be able to useit effectively on simple things?
        • Can I learn Cosmos
          Jeff Mirisola
          I'm not a stress guy, either. Heck, I'm not even an engineer (I just play one at work), but I have used COSMOS. Your biggest hurdle will be applying your forces properly. You should, however, be able to figure those out. After that, COSMOS will guide you through, for the most part.
          I'd highly recommend that you take a course if you can.
          Don't worry, you'll do fine. If I can figure it out, anyone can.
          • Can I learn Cosmos
            Eric Ryan
            Eric, I agree with Jeff. It is fairly easy to learn. There are tutuorials in the help files and also be sure to check out the Cosmos Companion web seminars. You can attend them real time or download the presentation from an archive on the Solidworks site. I think one key is to start with simple models and understand how the system works. Then you can move up to more complex models.

            Good Luck,

            Eric Ryan