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    Parts and assemblys not updating

    Stuart Sutcliffe

      When i started working for my company i recieved all our 3D models of 8 different types of trailer from an outside source. They were drawn in Solidedge so they were sent to me as a parasolid.xt file. So i have 8 different types of trailer that share some of the same part and assemblys, with each trailer in its own folder. So when i change a part in one, then i have to go and manually make that same change to them all. Im just wondering what is the most practical way of linking these parts and assemblys so that it automatically makes the changes to all.

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          Jeremy Feist

          you will want to track down the duplicate files and delete all but one copy (you may want to make a back-up first). then open the other assemblies that use the part and re-direct them to the remaining file. (depending on the export algorithm and setting used in solidedge, you may need to reposition/remate the part as well) and then save.

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            Scott McFadden


            Any chance you have PDM?  If you do I would create a folder structure in the PDM that not only allows you to have a secure place to store these, but can keep revision track of them just in case something happens to a file and you have to revert backwards.

            If you don't, create a secure location on a portion of your network.  Work on these files one track folder at a time.  Then and only then when you get a folder looking the way you want it, copy it to this network location.

            I agree with Jeremy in that you are going to want to delete duplicates once you find that they are no longer needed.

            Sounds like a very tedious task.  Take it slow my friend.