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    Addin Version Problem

    Jim Sculley

      I have a handful of C# add-ins that I use with EPDM.  When I correct bugs or make enhancements I release a new version of all the add-ins at the same time since they share a utility DLL.  In the past, the EPDM admin tool always showed the build number (As defined in AssemblyInfo.cs of the Visual Studio project) next to the addin name.  Recently I created a new add-in and for some reason the EPDM admin tool refuses to show the build number and instead just shows the number 1:



      The version information in the DLL shows the correct value (14073) so I'm not sure why EPDM isn't picking it up for this one add-in.  Has anyone else had this problem?


      Jim S.

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          Tim Webb

          Hi Jim

          I am going to check this out when I get back to the office this afternoon and will reply back.


          BTW, I love your approach of using a utility DLL. Great approach.

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            Lee CS Young

            I've seen that when I overflowed Int32's max value. I can't remember why I did - probably a date + a version.


            The version comes from EdmAddInInfo.mlAddinVersion - how is it getting it from AssemblyInfo?

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                Jim Sculley

                Well, well well.  Look at what I found:


                poInfo.mlAddInVersion = 1;


                You get the points Lee.



                I feel stupid now.  It has been putting the build numbers in there for so long that I thought it was automatic.  I just looked at one of my other projects (they were all created a few years ago) and found this:


                poInfo.mlAddInVersion = System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetName().Version.Build;


                So, move along, nothing to see here.....


                Well, if nothing else, I've taught you all how to get the build number to show up in the Admin tool. 


                And, in the process of researching this self-created problem I found a Visual Studio add-in that will update AssemblyInfo.cs every time you build so you can have a nice add-in version that looks like this:




                Version 2.25 built on the 73rd day of 2014 at 10:09 AM.


                The addin can be found here:




                Poke around on the discussions area of the site to find links to versions for VS2012 and VS2013.


                Jim S.