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Editing one sketch whilst in another

Question asked by Alan Mogg on Mar 14, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2014 by Mark Olsen

I was wondering if this is a "feature" of solidworks 2014 and if it is whats it called and how do i turn it off? When im trying to create complex surfaces I tend to make "master" sketches which i convert to new sketches to create composite curves, this way i dont loose the ability to easily create an identical sketch on the same or a different plane without finding the right curve and expanding it and converting the entities to a new sketch, but all of a sudden i seem to be able to drag sketch points form previous sketches whilst being in a new one, its a nightmare, with surfaces being so unstable you can wreck hours of work with an accidental drag of a sketch point from a sketch hundreds of steps up the feature tree, or crash solidworks completely on the rebuild, its very hard to make out the differences between sketch points on different planes depth wise but coincidentally very close from the plane you viewing on. I found when working on something complex i have to hide sketches all the time to avoid accidentally altering one, If i wanted to edit the first sketch in the tree i would click "edit sketch", not randomly edit it from within a sketch created hours later. Id love it if someone could tell me how to disable this ability. I understand i could dimension all the points but im using style splines to create organic shapes and I like/need the freedom to drag the curves creatively.


Thankyou for any replies and sorry if this came across and whingy but its driving me mad!