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using a design table to make multipul parts

Question asked by Patrick Brown on Mar 13, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2014 by Paul Marsman

Hello SW community..


i want to drive a collection of sub assemblies from a design table.. 


so what i have is a spec for a sub assembly which is made up a of a variring number of parts.. and the parts are a different lengths and thicknesses and widths..



it could be that i have 4 plates that are 3mm thick.. and 5 plates that are 9mm thick.. (aranged one ontop of the other.. ) and they are 190mm wide and 500mm long...


but it also could be that i have 9 plates 3.5mm thick.. and 10 plates 9.6mm thick and inbetween them i have a little plate 1.5mm thick.. and thay are 210 wide and 360 long...


and so on...


and i want to place them all in one main assembly...


(lineing them up like solders..)


but dont want to make hundreds of models with hundreds of configurations... (unless i have too)


does anyone have the answer.. maybe a macro is the answer..