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Problems Boundary Surfacing

Question asked by Victoria Newcomb on Mar 13, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2014 by J. Mather

Ok, Im pulling my hair out right now trying to figure out what I am doing wrong in this 'excercise' we are doing for class. We are using a pre-existing file to make a surface. It's having us use the boundary surface feature and I got the first 5 curves to go into "Direction 1" and its trying to have us select 3 other curves for "Direction 2". The 3 curves we have to select for "Direction 2" are in the same sketch, and I think that may be what is causing the problem, but am not sure. When I select the first curve the selection manager comes up and I click the check button to make SolidWorks know that I do indeed want to select that curve from the sketch, and that turns out fine, it put the right boundaries on the surface I am trying to make. When I go to select either of the other two curves (which happen to be in the same sketch) the selection manager comes up and I click the check box and the computer makes an unhappy noise then, adds the curve to the "boundary surface property manager" but it shows up as "***error***". The thing that really gets me is that you can select the other curve (its in the middle of the two) but if you try to click both of the side ones, one of them comes up as error. And I swear I've tried everything that I can think of to get it to work and its not.


Attaching the part drawing, basically you have to put the five small curves for direction 1 and the three long curves (two side and the one right in the middle) for direction 2. (I am attaching it with what SolidWorks will allow of the boundary surface so it's easier to understand).


If anyone can help it would be greatly apperciated.