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Restoring default lights?

Question asked by Bill Florac on Mar 13, 2014

Is there any way to restore the default direction/ambient lights in a file?  This is in Solidworks, not Photoview 360.  Documentation says that the lights are loaded with scenes but I find that is not always true. First, if the existing lights are flagged as "Keep light when scene changes" then they will not be changed/modified. Second, the scene must contain lights. From what I can tell, not all scenes contain lights. I have not been able to determine which scenes have lights other than to go open the scene file in a text editor. And, to complicate that, it seems one scene file can call another scene file. So the scene data is in one file and the lighting is in another (but this is not consistent).  I hacked up a scene text file by adding directional light sections (this format does not seem to be documented). It seems to work but it still will not force unload any existing lights that are flagged to stay so I have delete them first.  Given that, I suppose I could create a macro to do all the work. It just seems odd to me that there is not some way to reload the lighting (or scene and lights) to the default state (or from the values in my template file).