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Static Dispatch Variable

Question asked by Peter Lane on Mar 13, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2014 by Peter Lane

How do you keep a dispatch variable constant?


When you have a variable defined in dispatch it always seem to change as you work through "For All documents"


For example: 


I have an ECN file that has the name "ECN-0120.DOC" in that file is a custom property "ECN-Number" it is = "ECN-0120".


I have several drawings pasted as reference to this ECN file and as I submit the ECN for approval, the pasted references, in this case drawings and the associated parts go into pending approval.  This is all GOOD.


I have a dispatch program that will cycle through the files, find the ECN File and Corresponding custom property of "ECN-0120"


I then want to recycle through the documents and assign the ECN-0120 to the SLDDRW files.  Each ECN may have 1 or More drawings/parts associated with it


However every time through it resets the "ECN-Number" to nothing once it grab the any file other than ECN-0120.DOC.


I want to automatically assign the ECN-Number to the drawings/parts automatically so I don't have clarical error.  I hope to get this working so the Revision Block updates as well.


Am I missing something?