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"Overdefined" According to SolidWorks - Help Please

Question asked by Alexander Sandstrom on Mar 13, 2014
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I am trying to develop a Spline Punch Template for my company to use due to the fact of the many different spline punches that we have to make and develop for our customers' parts. In the sketch for the part, I created one "ear" of the spline and dimensioned it so that it would meet at the endpoints with the desired number of teeth without overlap and without having to do any more work after the circular array is added. After I do a circular array, the drawing becomes "overdefined or unsolvable". I checked for solutions but all the solutions take away at least one dimension that I need to keep. I am still able to extrude the sketch into the final part, but when I go back to edit/modify a dimension or two, it won't let me modify the majority of them. Please let me know what I need to do in order to make this a completely editable sketch that can be completed without any error or SolidWorks "error". The dimensions that need to be on the drawing and editable are as follows:


1. All major diameters

2. 4 different pairs of corner radii

3. The angle at the tip of the "ear"

4. The distance between the straight parts of the "ear"

5. Symmetry throughout


Thank you in advance!