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    Print drawing without showing embedded Excel sheet

    Peter Larsen

      Hi guys,


      This is my first post to this forum. We are converting from SolidEdge to SW + ePDM so I am a busy man!


      On some of our drawings we have an embedded Excel sheet visible on the sheet that shows our sales prices (see attached png-file).


      Sometimes we need to print these sheets without the sales prices visible so I would like to know if there is a way to print a drawing where you choose if the prices should be visible or hidden.

      We are using CustomTools and I would like to use the BatchPrint functionality in this program. CustomTools have some layer control options but I am not able the define a layer for an embedded Excel sheet!


      Can anyone see a way around this?


      Thank you in advance.



      NB: We are also using the Excel sheet for calculating the prices so I can not do without that functionality.


      Kind regards