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    Drawing file size very large, unknown reason

    Chuck Webb

      We're making a drawing of a circuit card and for some reason the drawing file size has balloned to over 300MB.


      The drawing is only 4 pages and the assembly file is only 12MB.


      Similar drawings have only been about 35 MB max.


      When we try to open/save/redraw/check-in/check-out/change sheets the system hangs for quite some time.


      Any ideas why this particular file is so huge or how to trim it down without redoing all the work?


      Thank you!


      system spec:

      SW2014, SP2

      Intel i7 3770

      Quadro 4000 driver

      24GB RAM

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          Jerry Steiger



          Are the traces, pads and through holes shown on the card? If you normally only show the mounting holes and the components the drawings would be much faster and smaller.


          Jerry S.

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            Jason Hogue



            We had an issue a while back where a set of drawing files were becoming excessively large.  Turned out views were in draft quality. The user had set all new views to be in draft quality (Found in System Options>Drawings>Display Style.  Once we set them to high quality the drawing size dropped dramatically.  You can tell the view is in draft quality by placing your cursor over the view.  If there is a little lightening bolt on the cursor icon, the view is in draft.  To change, select the view and from the pane on the left of your screen, select high quality.  Sorry can't remember the heading of the dialog box that the radio button for this is under.


            Hope this helps.



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                Chuck Webb


                Setting the drawing views from Draft to High quality fixed the problem. It is strange that Draft Quality was the problem, most of our drawings are done in Draft Quality.


                Prior to your response we did a copy and paste of all the views and notes into a new drawing. The new file size was normal so I think the file was corrupted for some reason.


                Thank you for the help.