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Is OpenGl hardware acceleration overrated??

Question asked by Glenn Scully on Mar 12, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2014 by Glenn Scully

I have 2 computers that I am using Solidworks one is an older workstation and one is a new low-mid end consumer computer.  In summary the newer computer has a 20% faster CPU (based on passmark) but no graphics card (integrated graphics only).  Using Anna's punchholder benchmark they almost the same.  Using the solidworks benchmark the for processor workstation took 33% longer (seems reasonable).  In graphics the workstation took 240% longer!  For windows experience the workstation gets 6.9 for graphics and the newer computer get 5.9.  What is wrong with the FX-3800 in the workstation?  I am using driver My settings are 3D app global default with vertical sync off.  I have windows visual effects set to best performance and I selected an aero theme.  I can understand the new computer processor being faster it is expected but how is the integrated graphics that need to us software Open GL better than a certified graphics card? Is something wrong with the FX-3800 or the benchmark or is openGl hardware acceleration very overrated?


Computer 1

Windows 7

Solidworks 2012

Dell Precision T3500

Xeon W3540 2.93 Ghz (5,442 Passmark CPU Benchmark )

12gb ram

Quadro Fx-3800

SSD Intel 330 180 gb

Anna's puncholder benchmark 62.1s


Solidworks Benchmark

Graphics 97.6s

Processor 138.7s

I/O 83s

Overall 319.3s

Rendering 78.8s

Realview performance 170.3s


Solidworks (with software OpenGL turned on)

Graphics 186.6s

Processor 137s

I/O  79.4s

Overall 403.0s

Rendering 71.5s

Realview performace NA


Computer 2

Windows 7

Solidworks 2011

i5-3470 (6,571 Passmark CPU Benchmark )

6gb ram

Intel HD Graphics 2500

SSD Kingston 64 gb

Anna's puchholder benchmark 60.28s



Graphics 40.9s

Processor 104.3s

I/O  61.9s

Overall 207.1s

Rendering 38.3s

Realview performace NA