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    Is OpenGl hardware acceleration overrated??

    Glenn Scully

      I have 2 computers that I am using Solidworks one is an older workstation and one is a new low-mid end consumer computer.  In summary the newer computer has a 20% faster CPU (based on passmark) but no graphics card (integrated graphics only).  Using Anna's punchholder benchmark they almost the same.  Using the solidworks benchmark the for processor workstation took 33% longer (seems reasonable).  In graphics the workstation took 240% longer!  For windows experience the workstation gets 6.9 for graphics and the newer computer get 5.9.  What is wrong with the FX-3800 in the workstation?  I am using driver My settings are 3D app global default with vertical sync off.  I have windows visual effects set to best performance and I selected an aero theme.  I can understand the new computer processor being faster it is expected but how is the integrated graphics that need to us software Open GL better than a certified graphics card? Is something wrong with the FX-3800 or the benchmark or is openGl hardware acceleration very overrated?


      Computer 1

      Windows 7

      Solidworks 2012

      Dell Precision T3500

      Xeon W3540 2.93 Ghz (5,442 Passmark CPU Benchmark )

      12gb ram

      Quadro Fx-3800

      SSD Intel 330 180 gb

      Anna's puncholder benchmark 62.1s


      Solidworks Benchmark

      Graphics 97.6s

      Processor 138.7s

      I/O 83s

      Overall 319.3s

      Rendering 78.8s

      Realview performance 170.3s


      Solidworks (with software OpenGL turned on)

      Graphics 186.6s

      Processor 137s

      I/O  79.4s

      Overall 403.0s

      Rendering 71.5s

      Realview performace NA


      Computer 2

      Windows 7

      Solidworks 2011

      i5-3470 (6,571 Passmark CPU Benchmark )

      6gb ram

      Intel HD Graphics 2500

      SSD Kingston 64 gb

      Anna's puchholder benchmark 60.28s



      Graphics 40.9s

      Processor 104.3s

      I/O  61.9s

      Overall 207.1s

      Rendering 38.3s

      Realview performace NA

        • Re: Is OpenGl hardware acceleration overrated??
          Glenn Scully

          As a followup to this post I got an assembly from work and brought it home to compare the function between the two computers.  The workstation can pan rotate zoom etc flawlessly.  The I5 has a low from rate when rotating or zooming and some of the parts get turn into simplified as boxes while rotating and are then return to normal when you stop rotating.  So I think anyone looking at the solidworks benchmarks to base a new hardware decision should take what they see with a grain of salt.  In my situation the benchmark did not at all represent the performance of the machine.