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Can you print a list of all file locations from settings?

Question asked by Steven Soeder on Mar 13, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2014 by Steven Soeder

We are updgrading existing users from 2013 to 2014 as well as adding some new users and new workstations.

We have all of our templates for parts, BOMs, custom properties list, etc. in a central network location so we are all using the same items.

We would like everyont to be pointing ot the same files in a central network location, however it seems that mulitple users have different setups currently.

I'd like to put together a guide for updating and new installs that shows what all the settings should be.

I'd like to be able to show what all the file locations are supposed to be set to.

Is there a way to print a list of what all the file locations are set to from one computer that has been setup properly?

I'm ok with a macro that could export to a .txt or excel or even just place it on the clipboard, but I would need help in how to do this.  I'm experienced in VB / VBA but not with the Solidworks API.