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    Can I change default "X" in slot hole callout?

    Alex Ernsberger

      In the options for chamfer dimensions there is the ability to go from 1/16" X 45* default to 1/16" x 45* as the default. I can change the default case of the X character. I would like the ability to do the same thing for slot callouts or otherwise do it universally for any dimension of a "by" type I guess you could say. I'm trying to setup a universal standard in my drawings where a large X denotes a quantity value and a small x denotes by.


      2X 1/16" x 45* would mean: A feature of a 1/16" chamfer BY 45 degrees with two instances... and so on.


      Can I change this or do I need to start a feature request ticket?

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          Lenny Bucholz

          just type the 2X in front of the 1\16 in the property field at the left, probably were you change the capital X to a lower case x

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              Alex Ernsberger

              That's the current method I'm using is to just do a manual dimension edit since most of what I do doesn't always generate quantity correctly either but that's another story. I'm just thinking that when I have a pattern though and I throw a hole callout onto a slot I'd like to be able to determine how it generates especially as how I mentioned I can do it for other features, just not for slots.

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                  Lenny Bucholz

                  ok now we are geting somewhere, you said you are using patterns?? yes??


                  you can make parametric notes, how it works is... use start a note and then click on the dim or pattern count and it place a linked note text in it. so if you change the model the note changes to the annotations you selected to put in the parametric note.


                  Inserting an Annotation in a Note from a Drawing


                  1. Create or edit an existing note.
                  2. Select an existing annotation or dimension in the graphics area. If you select a dimension with a symbol or tolerance, the items are included in the note.
                  3. Click PM_OK.gif.
                    To edit the annotation or dimension, you must edit the existing annotation or dimension in the drawing sheet. You cannot edit annotations or dimensions in notes if they were inserted from an existing annotation or dimension. When you edit the existing annotation or dimension, all instances of the annotation and dimension are updated in the sheet.


                    You can hide the annotation or dimension using View > Hide/Show Annotations.



                  ADDED A PART AND A DRAWING


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